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23rd November 2019
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Equity Release Specialist Adviser

Equity Release amounts are based on the YOUNGEST persons age together with their gender and property value.


This calculator is for guidance so that you can get an idea of the amount of equity you can release. It is possible to increase this amount if you are a smoker or have health issues requiring on going medication.

Case Histories

Male aged 72, Female 60, both diabetics. Property valued at £155k with existing mortgage of £11,500 @ £596 pm in male’s name only, plus unsecured debts of £14k @ £314 pm.  Total joint income of £1,909 pm and outgoings of £1,790 pm.  Joint equity release arranged for £32k immediately plus a reserve fund of £12k for future drawdown as required.  Outgoings reduced by £910 pm.

Female spinster aged 68, Smoker with high blood pressure. Existing equity release of £45k on property of £160k wants to upgrade to centre of town at £260k. Maximum borrowing from existing lender was £70k. She had £100k savings. Total funds needed for sale and purchase was £165k. Enhanced equity release arranged for £90k which still left client with £25k savings

Male aged 70, Female 63 Smoker. Existing mortgage of £30k with C&G @ £226pm on a valuation of £150k plus other debts of £5k @ £275pm. No savings and no spare income. Enhanced equity release arranged for £48k saving them £501pm and giving them cash of £12k.

Single disabled woman of 63 in ex local authority flat with no mortgage but a secured loan of £4k @ £172pm and a Debt Management Plan for £13k @ £75pm. She was looking for maximum lump sum to clear all debt and enhance lifestyle. Enhanced equity release arranged for £37k to clear all debt, save outgoings of £247pm and lump sum of over £19k

Female aged 63 with terminal cancer and life expectancy of 3 years. House valued at £375k with no mortgage or debt. She wanted £40k now with facility for further drawdowns for home improvements and several holidays with her daughter and son.

Male aged 92, Female 71 both in good health. Current home sold for £240k and purchased new bungalow near to daughter for £277k. Both on good pensions with total income of £32k. Equity Release arranged for £57,650 to cover difference between sale and purchase including Stamp Duty, Agent and legal fees etc. All done on full Interest Only repayments of £294 per month.

Existing Clients: Male 62, Female 67, female is insulin injecting diabetic. Property valued at £160k with no existing mortgage. But unsecured debts of £18k @ £800pm. No savings left. Female would like to retire as her £800pm income just covers the debts.  Joint Equity Release arranged for £30k now plus Reserve fund of £12k for future Drawdown as needed – Outgoings reduced by 800 pm so female will happily retire next month and have £10k in the bank.

Widow aged 60, who won't be entitled to her state pension until September this year, has interest only mortgage of £58k on property valued at £650k. Mortgage must be repaid by July. She wanted to clear this together with a home improvement loan, repair the roof, fit a new kitchen and bathroom and upgrade her very high mileage car.
Equity release arranged for £100k with £30k Reserve for future Drawdown if needed.

We are independent advisers who specialise in Equity Release.

Being equity release specialists, we advise on equity release schemes such as lifetime mortgages & home reversion schemes.

Equity Release is not suitable for everyone and that is why we will fully assess your needs and current situation before we search the whole of the equity release market for you.

Because we advise on equity release schemes from the whole of market, we may be able to save you thousands of pounds by finding the lowest cost equity release scheme that is right for you.





A Fee of up to 2% of the loan amount payable upon completion of an equity release product. A typical fee would be £950. We will also be paid commission from the company that lends you money.

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